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Ajwa Dates

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Buy Saudi Arabian Ajwa Dates online from SookMarket which offers freshly packed beneficial Ajwa Dates in a very convenient way. 

Saudi Arabian Ajwa Dates are one of the most popular dates because they are soft and fruity, beautifully dark in color and more of a dry variety of dates.

This date is cultivated in the city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia and exported to other countries.  People from other countries especially Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UAE, and Kuwait have a high demand for these dates. You can also send Ajwa Dates to India very easily through our online marketplace as we deliver across the country.


Buy Ajwa Dates online to get various Medical benefits:

Ajwa Dates are considered a powerful antidote especially if consumed daily in early morning. These dates are very efficient in the prevention of the Cancer of the abdomen. It also prevents Anaemia and reduces Cholesterol level in the blood. It makes bones, eyesight and skin very healthy. It protects against heart problems and Dermatitis. Ajwa is helpful in the treatment of Hypertension, Dementia and Fatigue. It strengthens the nervous system and protects the heart and circulatory system. Send Ajwa Dates to India to your family and friends so that they can gain health.


How to know the originality of these Dates?     

They are dark, dry oval shaped and there is a very fine white line which is not present in low-quality imitation dates.


Main usage:

It is widely used for various health reasons due to its prominent role in various health remedies.  Along with the fruit, its seed powder is also a great remedy for heart problems. Its seed powder is full of healthy benefits.

Ajwa is loaded with many vital elements like Potassium, Iron, Calcium, and Zinc minerals. They are also rich in natural fibers along with Oil, Sulphur, Phosphorous, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium. Other than that Vitamin B-12 and Biotin is also present in them.

Because of all these advantages, these fruits are always in high demand throughout the year, but their demand raises high in the month of Ramadan and Eid.

You can buy and send Ajwa Dates online, here at SookMarket.

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