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Buy Saudi dates in India - Send dates to India from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar through SookMarket which is the best platform to buy saudi dates online in India.

Now a day’s people are more inclined towards healthy lifestyle like never before. Due to fast paced life, the focus has prominently shifted to healthy super rich foods. In this realization, dates are most wanted in the top list of super foods.

You can buy dates online from all around the world on SookMarket which offers a wide range of saudi dates like Sagai, Ajwa, Amber, Khudri, Sukaary, Medjool etc. at reasonable prices and shipping across India.


Why are Dates important?

Dates are the alternate and easy answer for healthy life. In a modern medical survey, it is confirmed that regular use of dates is helpful in preventing the cancer of abdomen.

Many nutrition and health specialists are emphasizing that eating dates every day is necessary for a balanced and healthy diet as they are good for muscle development.

Dates can be consumed in many ways like mixing as paste with milk or yogurt. Many use this paste on bread to make it more enjoyable. Dates are very beneficial in recovering from illness or injury and are equally effective for adults and children.

Date syrup is also very famous among health freaks and food lovers. Dates boiled in milk can be consumed to prevent cold or flu and to increase the immunity. They provide instant energy and are a good alternative to fighting hunger.

At SookMarket, buy and send saudi dates to India of your choice for the people you care.


Nutritional Value of Dates

Dates are a rich source of energy, sugar, fiber and polyphenols antioxidants. These properties make them a very healthy snack. They also contain the following vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin K.

Minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc


Health Benefits of Dates

It strengthens the bones and makes them stronger and prevents osteoporosis. It helps the body to fight against anemia. It is effective to cure intestinal disorders and helps in preventing hair problems. It plays a vital role in reducing allergic reactions and keeps the heart and nervous system healthy.

SookMarket makes your search easier to find out the best and pure dates from reputed brands available in one simple click for your convenience.

So hurry up and buy dates online to get many health benefits or send dates to India for your family.

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