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Dried Fruits

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In dried fruits, the water content has been removed for longer shelf life through a natural process of sun drying as well as by using dryers or dehydrators. They contain almost same nutritional value as compared to fresh fruits.

Nowadays, their consumption is very common around the globe. Raisins are the most popular among them which is sold nearly half of the total dried fruits sales worldwide. After raisins - figs, apricots and berries are very popular.


General Benefits:

  •          Long shelf life as compare to fresh fruits
  •          Easy storage due to compact size
  •          Available during non-season unlike seasonal fruits
  •          Retain same nutritional value as fresh fruits.


Health Benefits:

Raisins, apricots, figs and berries are the most commonly used dried fruits. They are known for their richness as antioxidants and also have iron, potassium, and other essential ingredients required for a healthy body.

They regulate body pH level by neutralizing acids which help to keep a check on acidosis and it keeps you safe from gastrointestinal disorders.

They help in treating the anemia as well as reducing the blood pressure.

Bone health: Boron is one of the main components of dried fruits and it is an essential element for the correct bone formation and effective absorption of calcium in the human body. So its consumption strengthens the bones and protects from osteoporosis.

When taken in right proportions they can help control the weight i.e. lose or gain weight in a healthy way.

Eat for healthier skin: everybody wants healthy and beautiful skin! Research shows that regular eating of dried fruits actually makes skin healthier and radiant.

Keep Cancer Away: Studies show that eating dried apricots and other dried fruits prevent cancer. These contain essential fibers and phytonutrients which aid the body to get rid of free radicals causing cancer.  

Other health benefits: Keep mentally sharp and helps preventing Alzheimer’s, reduce hypertension, manage diabetes, maintain heart health and protect eye infections.

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Cakes and fruit bread: one of the most common foods which use dried fruits as important ingredients to make them more delicious.

Cookies: everyone loves cookies having dried fruits in it. They increase taste by adding extra flavors to make cookies more appealing.

Desserts & Sweets: Add these as an ingredient or use as garnishing to make any recipe visually compelling and make it irresistible.

Ice creams: They give an extraordinary taste to ice creams and take their creamy taste to next level of enjoyment.

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