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Khudri Dates

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Buy Khudri Dates online India - Send Saudi Khudri Dates to India from Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia from SookMarket which gives you an easy marketplace to buy Khudri Dates online in India.

These dates are the most exported variety of dates from Saudi Arabia. It is moist, soft and is dark brown in color. They have a cylindrical shape and their skin is somewhat wrinkly and flakes a little. They are fresh and reasonable in price which makes them the most exported variety of dates. These are cultivated in the city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian Khudri Dates are highly sought after because of their big size, plump bodies, chewy consistency,moderately sweet and caramel-like taste. This variety is ideal if you want to feel refreshed and energized instantly. You can relish them as it is or stuff them with other treats like almonds, walnuts or whipped cream.The choices are endless! Send Khudri Dates to India to your beloveds so they can relish this amazing and delicious treat.

These won’t just make your mouth happy, their ultimate nutritional value will make your bones, brain and heart happy too.

They are filled with Potassium, Magnesium and Fiber amongst a load of other important Minerals and Vitamins which help to revitalize your health. These dates are high in Fluorine and Iron content. The roughage present in them strengthens the digestive health and relieves Constipation. They are effective in preventing Abdominal Cancer.

These delicious dates are desirable and in huge demand throughout the year. In the month of Ramadan and during Eid festivals the demand for these scrumptious dates even goes higher.

To utilize its great taste and health advantages you can buy and send Khudri Dates across India to your family and friends here at SookMarket in an efficient way.

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