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Pine Nuts

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Buy Pine Nuts online in India - Delicious and crunchy pine nuts are small edible seeds of the pine cone. Eating pine nuts may help those who are trying to lose weight as these contain Pinolenic acid which activates the release of an appetite-suppressing hormone. It makes you feel fuller faster and aids in weight loss.

Pine nuts are a brilliant source of instant energy boosting nutrients like Protein, Iron and monounsaturated Fats. Protein also assists in building and repairing the muscle tissues. These nuts also carry Magnesium which helps to fight fatigue.

Pine nuts are power packed with antioxidants, including Lutein and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. All these are helpful to – support sharper vision, kill free radicals, fight against the infectious agents and viruses, slow down the aging process, boost immunity, build stronger bones, support healthy cholesterol levels, and also to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane and protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. Send pine nuts to India to your loved ones with a simple click!

Pine nut oil is extracted from these nuts and it has a sweet aroma and a delicate flavor. This oil is known for its high level of anti-acidic and physiological properties. It is used in many medicinal applications, aromatherapy and in the cosmetic industry. It is very useful in curing duodenal ulcers and erosive stomach.

Pine nuts are commonly added to many vegetarian, as well as non-veg recipes like fish, meat, pesto, salads, bread, sweets, desserts and many other cuisines. To utilize these countless benefits, buy pine nuts online here with us and you can also send pine nuts to India to your near and dears from any country in the world like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, UAE and Qatar. We are dedicated to deliver best products to our valuable customers. 

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