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Sukkary Dates

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Buy Sukkary Dates online India - Send Saudi Sukkary Dates to India from Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia from SookMarket which provides you a smooth channel to buy Sukkary Dates online in India.

Sukkar is the Arabic word for sugar. So the Name ‘Sukkary’ Dates evolved because it is the sweetest variety of dates. It originates from Al-Qassim region in Saudi Arabia.

It is very soft and not chewy, it almost melts in your mouth and has creamy caramel like flavor. Rutub Sukkary Dates are golden brown in color, they look somewhat like Sagai Dates but have patches of light brown color here and there. They have a bit of flake also.

You can consume these dates anytime and especially in the morning breakfast as these provide an instant dose of energy and are a great healthy substitute for artificially sweetened jams and jellies, a healthy and perfect way to start your day.

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These are fat-free, sodium free and naturally cholesterol free. No added sugar or preservatives are there in Sukkary Dates and they are a big source of dietary fibers. So these awesome dates support the heart health and digestive health making them a favorite of many throughout the world. A scientific research has shown that these dates are Anthelmintic, they are high in Iron content and Fluorine as well as are a rich source of several Minerals and Vitamins.

There is always a huge demand for these highly sweet and moist dates because of their great taste, freshness and reasonable price. And this demand goes even higher during the month of Ramadan and Eid festivals. To send Sukkary Dates to you loved ones in an easy way, order online here at SookMarket, we deliver at your doorstep!

Grab this perfect healthy snack for you and your family today!

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