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Nutritious diet is must for today’s demanding life. Corporates are very much concern about their employees food habits and healthy life style. As is trying to make available healthy food products online, we have introduced e-vouchers for corporates and our business partners.

As the time evolved the way of buying has also changed a lot. Some years ago cash was the way to do all the transactions.  After that credit card and debit card entered in the world of transaction and e-commerce and online shopping made them hugely popular. Nowadays the world is slowly accepting the e-wallets. In the same evolution, we have introduced the concept of E-voucher.

Companies can buy e-vouchers online for their employees and employees can redeem these vouchers on SookMarket to get healthy foods like dry fruits, nuts and dates. These are nutritious healthy snacks which make the body and mind healthy. Their taste is also very delicious and equally liked by children and adults.

Corporates can issue Sookmarket e-vouchers to their employees to buy premium quality dry fruits online. Dry fruits will boost the energy level of employees, by which companies can get better performance. We encourage Corporates to provide gift coupons to their employees in order to redeem healthy food items instead of spending on irrelevant electronic gadgets.

We encourage corporates to buy e-vouchers online and gift to their employees on various occasions like the monthly performance review, the employee of the month, the employee of the quarter, on employee’s birthday or marriage anniversary etc.

By doing this you are making your employees healthier and they can contribute more positively to the growth of the company if their mind and body are fit and fine.

These vouchers also give the flexibility to the employees to choose from the variety of healthy food items. They can easily redeem the voucher online and receive the healthy super food of their choice.

Such encouragement creates a positive working environment and acts as a morale booster for the employees. As everyone likes to be appreciated, such kind of healthy way of appreciating someone gives them a special feeling as well more health and energy.

The process of doing shopping through e-voucher is exactly the same like we do through credit/debit cards and the only difference is you are paying through e-vouchers. You can buy these from anywhere like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE and Kuwait.

Those who don't have Credit/ Debit cards, they can buy E-Vouchers from our distributors. It is as good as you are shopping online, but paying through E-Vouchers.

Please see FAQ section for detailed process flow.


Our team will be more than happy to assist you about e-vouchers. Please do not hesitate to contact us on +91-40-66028835 or send us an e-mail:

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